Boss Battles as a Task/Assignment during Quests



I would like to suggest incorporating Boss Battles into Quests. It would be great if students needed to occasionally beat a boss in order to proceed to the next phase of the quest and it could work for the self-paced progress too.

Boss battles and self-assessing quizzes (similar to what they are doing with the google forms.... just cut out google)!!!

I’ve been beta testing the google forms as self assessing quizzes in the quests with one of my smaller classes (have ten students and made two complete quests adapted from the Classcraft Story mode). I believe that the kids like the concept, but it has been anything but smooth. I made every kid add the school email (which is a Gmail) as their log in and they have to have their browser logged in to their gmail. And they have to write out the correct gmail on every google form quiz. And, yet, it’s about 50/50 on each quest task whether it will actually work or not. Sometimes the quest works great and a student will pass a quiz and move on, and other times a student will take the quiz, get a passing score, but can’t advance unless I manually give him the green check or the red x (I’ve got it set up so that passing the assignment moves them along and not passing moves them off the track to do a remedial assignment). So, it’s very glitchy. It’s manageable with my small class of ten students but I wouldn’t be able to scale this up to 30 kids because it would be too much to keep up with as far as having to check numerous students quiz scores and manually advance them.  But the idea is very promising. I just wish they could cut out the middle man and incorporate the concept into the Classcraft platform.

If somehow Classcraft could pull this off and get different methods for self-grading quizzes/assignments and boss battles into their quests (without having to rely on secondary sources like google) it could be best learning platform in existence. The google forms integration is a nice trial run, but if I could do things on a Classcraft quest like I do with Kahoot or Gimkit, it would be revolutionary. Classcraft already has so much to offer, like the messaging system, boss battles, game elements, etc. But if teachers had the ability to turn Classcraft quests into full educational experiences that could be customized to follow along with the teacher’s curriculum, that would be an educational game changer.

And, of course, having the ability to have randomly generated quizzes with questions pulled from large question banks (like Gimkit or Classcraft boss battles) would be the way to go. I think this is one of the major shortfalls of google forms (you can shuffle questions and answers but can’t just build up a question bank and randomly pull a handful of questions so that each student assignment is unique). Also, the ability to search and pull questions from other educators into your own assignments is a huge plus for Kahoot and Gimkit. Nothing will completely eliminate cheating, but from my ten years of teaching experience (from the Accelerated Math program), students working on unique and individualized assignments cut down cheating by probably 90-99%. 

I would also REALLY like to see boss battles integrated into quests. It would be a great way to "check-in" with students to see if they are retaining content before moving on in the quest!

I agree. This would be a great formative assessment to add during the quest.

This is a feature my kids have asked for every year!  "Can you fight a boss by yourself?"  I'd love that and hope it's in the works!

Hey everyone we heard you loud and clear about the Boss battles in Quests. While we have not had time to create such a feature yet, we have released a Beta version of Quizzes via Google Forms.

Learn more here:

Agreed! I'm new to classcraft, but was disappointed to find that I couldn't insert a Boss Battle in to a quest. This seems like a natural fit. I hope it is integrated soon.



Is there an update on the status of Boss Battles in Quests?

Chris Jones has shared a detailed report of the limitations of Google Forms and had a great idea about randomly generated quizzes from Classcraft question banks. There are also some other great suggestions for Quest Battles on another thread:

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