Student to Student Messaging Idea

So, because of COVID-19, everything has to go online for me. My students haven't met each other and don't have access to contact with each other face to face or by other means. So, I created a quest and called it: "Hangout". Then I created an introduction to talk about what it should be used for. After I created the main chat area (1 objective) where all students can talk together and 5 separate objects for the other teams. I didn't want all the teams to be able to view the other team's hangout so I made separate pathways to get them each to their own hideaway, and other students can't video what they are talking about. So, if you are looking for a way to have a spot for all your students and team to meet up this can be a good alternative. I'm thinking of sharing it soon. Hoping everyone is having a good transition.

Seems like a great idea. I like the idea of blocking access to the objective by using the existing mechanics.

I worry that with my group of teens I'd be spending a significant portion of my time monitoring the discussion forum in case of behavioural issues. Perhaps the fact that it is logged will work to stave off excesses in that direction.


Thinking about it also allows the idea for individual parties to be completing different quests, though with the time I'm putting into it already I dread to think how much sleep I'd get facilitating that.

Haha, I understand. Well, I started my plan with my classes. I have 9 different classes using this system. So far it has been okay. Also, it does tell me if someone messages and I can quickly check if it is an inappropriate message. However; I'm sure most students will know that you can view it and keep it appropriate (keywords most). The only tricky part about it is navigating each to their appropriate group.  I don't check all the time, but every now and then what is going on. Also, when I do group assignment I will post it in their group under the "story" tab so they can see it right away. My students somehow think it is cool that they have their own secret hangout too!

Hi Leona, Did you share this quest?

Hi Leona, Did you share this quest?

Hi! Sorry, I didn't share it yet. I haven't checked my email for a little while. I didn't share it before, but I just submit it a moment ago. It is still pending to be added to the quest page. I hope it helps! It helped me a lot to get students to talk to each other and their teams and classmates. It should be called: Group Hangout

Hi Leona,

I think this is such a great idea! Has the quest been shared? Is it available to use? I can't find it. Thanks!

Hi all,

I loved Leona's idea and have taken the liberty of copying it.

I tested it on two of my classes and it is working perfectly. Piece of advice: don't reward it with points, they will "cheat" and try to enter all the chats to gain points. But since I am using classcraft as the sole messaging platform (besides dialogues and lessons via videoconferences) during complete lockdown here in Germany, my students are using it a lot.

I have uploaded it to the market place under the name "Headquarters (Team chat)". It is pending review but should be available in a few days I guess.

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