Remote instruction with Quizzes in Quests (beta)

By our official count, adding Boss Battles to Quests is probably our most requested feature by a factor of 387-to-1. While we haven’t pulled that off (yet), we have taken a step in that direction by giving teachers the power to add quizzes to quests.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What it is: We’ve updated Quests — our tool for creating narrative-driven personalized learning experiences — so that teachers can include self-paced, self-grading quizzes powered by Google Forms.

Who it’s for: Any teacher using Classcraft for remote learning, or any teacher who’s already using Quests — or who’s using Classcraft in conjunction with Google Classroom.

Why it’s so in-demand: Formative assessment tools are one of the best options teachers have for developing students’ knowledge and skills. Allowing students to complete formative assessments at their own pace is a critical component of remote learning. The problem? Creating and grading rigorous, self-paced formative assessments TAKES TIME. Time that could be spent planning lessons, teaching advanced concepts, or supporting students directly.

How it works: When creating a quest, teachers can choose to assign a quiz as an objective. They can also choose branching paths for students, based on their performance on a quiz.

What else do you need to know?

Quizzes must be created via a Google Form, which teachers can connect to using Google Drive. Also, in our effort to ship this feature as quickly as possible, we had to make a few sacrifices — namely, the reliance on Google Forms, and the absence of some beautiful monsters (hence the “beta” tag). We plan on addressing BOTH of those points later down the line.

Our help article on adding quiz objectives in your Quests:

Even after my students complete the quiz, when they click "complete task" it tells them to complete and submit, even though they have already submitted it and it is graded. I am trying to set this up to begin distance learning on Monday, and it is NOT working. 

One of my students tried the quiz and it didn't work for her. When she tried to access it through the quest she said it just gave her a blank white screen. That's when I realized that the email she provided in the Google Form (I also gave students the link to the google form outside of Classcraft so she was able to do it that way) was NOT a google email address even though it did match the email she provided to Classcraft. Now I see an even bigger problem: because emails were optional during enrollment most of my students don't even have an email address associated with their account.

Are students able to provide/change the email associated with their account to a Google one so that they can access the Google form? 

Hi guys!

If you have questions or are experiencing issues, please reach out to Classcraft support directly either through our live-chat or by email at

Have a great day!

The issue is that Google is unreliable. There's way to many ways to cheat using Google Forms, and it doesn't really track completion. My students are given an error message more often than not. I was going to upgrade and start using class craft, until I read it uses GF

My daughter complained that the Google link form does not work outside of Classcraft. At first I thought my daughter was having this problem because we connected computer monitoring software to her computer, but it turns out that it had nothing to do with it.
Thanks for writing the post, now I know that I'm not the only one having this problem. I'm patiently waiting for answer.

Hi Signora Marrero and Olivia Parcker,

As our Google form quizzes objective types are still in the Beta phase, setting them up has to be done very diligently in order for our integration to work.

I would suggest you contact us directly at so that our support team can investigate deeper into the situations you are experiencing. I'm certain we can resolve this together!

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