Making the switch to online teaching- Coronavirus

Hi Everyone!

With the Coronavirus situation, we understand that many teachers have to completely change the way they teach so we gathered a few resources on online teaching to help you get started.

We suggest you start by consulting our Covid-19 resource page:

And here are a few pages that could help you even further:

And please share some tips and tricks here if you have been teaching online before, we are here to learn :)


Is it possible to use the customised Classcraft quests for free? I´d like to use the tool for my students (they are 62).

Thank you!

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Hi Rasa!

Absolutely! We are currently offering Premium access to Quests. There used to be a limit of 6 objectives but we've removed it and you can also import as many quests as you want from our Marketplace. Here is the link to get the marketplace: This premium access to quests is already active on your account and you can start using it now! This offer should already be available on your account!

Have a nice day!

This is great! Thank you very much for the information!! :)

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