Power for Remote Learning

Hi everyone! :)

I noticed that many Classcraft powers work best when we are together in a physical space.
This thread is for us to share ideas for Classcraft Powers that will work well in a remote learning context!
Please share below.
Include the following information, when it applies:
  1. Intended age range (i.e. elementary, middle, or high school)
  2. AP cost
  3. Is it Collaborative (Y/N)?

Does anyone have any good ideas for powers for remote learning?

I've been wracking my brain. I've written sentences that involve upkeeping physical health and extending learning.

Powers are usually effective in a classroom environment; however, I'm unsure how to implement powers that will both engage my students, as well as further my lessons. 


I notice the above question was downvoted and am uncertain why.

My best idea right now is to have my students send me pics of themselves holding a novel / textbook and then stitching the pics together digitally by group and featuring a different group every day on our LMS. That is not really a power, but it IS related to community building.

I was sure expecting everyone to have posted a whole lot of suggestions by now! I, too, am at a loss (not that I have spent a huge amount of time on this so far). 



I teach fourth grade. I’m not great at estimating costs. It seems that I either overestimate or underestimate. We are starting online learning tomorrow. Here’s what I was thinking for powers:

1. Ability to use a custom background during video chatting.

2. Ability to use a custom filter during video chatting.

3. Other Zoom capabilities.

4. Skip an online assignment (individual or team).

5. Take a break from working to play.

I posted this in another thread but as they are pretty similar -

For my Junior High School (13-15y) remote learning classes I've been using:



Mind Theft: The mage establishes a psychic connection with the teacher and receives a hint in a quiz or task. (Message the teacher with the question) AP 5 Non Collaborative

Planeswalk: The mage and their entire group disappear to avoid a question in a quiz. AP 35 Collaborative

Sands of Time: The mage secures their team and gives them an extra day to turn in an assignment. AP 40 Collaborative

Arcane Circle of Protection: The mage can evade one homework assignment for themselves and one other teammate. Message the teacher with the word 'Circle of Protection' and the name of the teammate) AP 40 Collaborative



Wilderness Snare: The warrior traps a bewildered teacher and forces them to give an answer to a quiz or task. AP 5 Non Collaborative

Tracking: The warrior channels ancient knowledge and gains double XP for 24 hours. AP 20 Non Collaborative

Strategics: The warrior traces their steps and reviews an old quest assignment to improve it, earning double the reward for their renewed effort. (Send in the new work with including the word Strategics and the Quest Objective name in the header to receive regrading.) AP 20 Non Collaborative

Advanced Tracking: The warrior channels ancient knowledge and allows their entire team to gains double XP for 24 hours. AP 30 Collaborative

Situational Awareness: The warrior senses trouble and turns an individual task into a group one for their team. (Team submits a single homework assessment with all names included) AP 30 Collaborative


Sainthood: The healer loses 5 HP to give a teammate 10 HP. (Message the teacher with the word 'Sainthood' and the name of the teammate) AP 5 Collaborative

Private Meditation - The healer visits a quiet forest to meditate before the next mission. Earn double points on your next task submission. AP 10 Non Collaborative

Favour of the gods: The healer consults the teacher to know if one of their quest answers is correct. (Submit your work with the words Favour of the Gods in the header and the objective name and it will be drafted prior to submission) AP 15 Non Collaborative

Silent Meditation: You and your team visit a quiet glade protected by sprites to seek protection in the upcoming struggles. In your next Boss Battle, all damage will be nullified. AP 30 Collaborative

Thanks Luke Morse.  Those are awesome powers!

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