Powers for Boss Battles

I think it would be cool if there were powers for boss battles that would be used in specific situations.

Such as when they are close to not beating the boss, are certain they have the right answer, or are certain they don't have the right answer.

Possible powers could be:

Mighty Swing: guarantees a critical hit if you answer correctly

Magic Barrier: guarantees a miss if you answer incorrectly

Magic Armor: halves damage if the boss hits you (once per boss battle)

I would imagine the mana cost would be high so that they couldn't do this too often.

Hi Matthew!

Ken from Classcraft here :)

Your idea sounds AWESOME!  

I have already added it to our feature request platform and used your ideas as examples in the description of the request.

Thank you for being passionate about Classcraft, Matthew, and sharing your ideas with us!  

Please feel free to do so again! 


I run a power that nullifies some damage from a boss battle if the healer uses it before the battle commences (really I'm just cancelling the damage form the delayed damage screen)

I would love to see students be able to access powers during battles as it gives them ownership over the characters and helps invest them in the quiz

Great idea! I have also wished for students to be able to use their powers during Boss Battles. It's currently awkward to allow students to use their powers during a battle when there are no individual devices available and only one Smartboard.

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