What powers do you use for online teaching?

I'm trying to adapt Classcraft for a fullly online, self-paced class. I need ideas for how to customize the powers so that they'll work for this kind of setting. Anyone care to share how they've used powers?



I'm no expert but I would love to share what I will be doing as rewards in case any of them may help you.


1. Team switch

2. Stealth Mode: Skip a task (quizzes not included)

3. Quiz decoder: Ask the teacher for a quiz answer or hint

4. Lucky Fingers: Gold finder (will only be +1-4 pieces)

5. Video Master: Video of the week (I plan to allow students to send me a funny video/meme/ or gif they'd like to share with the class)

6. Prolonger: 1 extra day to the original due day

7. Events Master: This student can announce for an event to be held, and students will be rewarded accodingly.


Those are just a few of my ideas at the moment. If you have brainstormed any I'd love to hear them. :)

These are great ideas Leona!

For my remote learning classes I've been using:



Mind Theft: The mage establishes a psychic connection with the teacher and receives a hint in a quiz or task. (Message the teacher with the question)

Planeswalk: The mage and their entire group disappear to avoid a question in a quiz.

Sands of Time: The mage secures their team and gives them an extra day to turn in an assignment.

Arcane Circle of Protection: The mage can evade one homework assignment for themselves and one other teammate. Message the teacher with the word 'Circle of Protection' and the name of the teammate)



Wilderness Snare: The warrior traps a bewildered teacher and forces them to give an answer to a quiz or task.

Tracking: The warrior channels ancient knowledge and gains double XP for 24 hours.

Strategics: The warrior traces their steps and reviews an old quest assignment to improve it, earning double the reward for their renewed effort. (Send in the new work with including the word Strategics and the Quest Objective name in the header to receive regrading.)

Advanced Tracking: The warrior channels ancient knowledge and allows their entire team to gains double XP for 24 hours.

Situational Awareness: The warrior senses trouble and turns an individual task into a group one for their team. (Team submits a single homework assessment with all names included)


Sainthood: The healer loses 5 HP to give a teammate 10 HP. (Message the teacher with the word 'Sainthood' and the name of the teammate)

Favour of the gods: The healer consults the teacher to know if one of their quest answers is correct. (Submit your work with the words Favour of the Gods in the header and the objective name and it will be drafted prior to submission)

Silent Meditation: You and your team visit a quiet glade protected by sprites to seek protection in the upcoming struggles. In your next Boss Battle, all damage will be nullified.

Thank you for these great ideas! 

I have been struggling with this too. I appreciate these ideas as well.

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