Uploading Assets

I have been vetting this program for a little bit now to see if I want to use it in my classroom but one of the major issues for me so far is that I cannot import assets. In particular, I would like to be able to customize and or import maps for the quest layout. I am social sciences teacher and the quest map could actually be quite useful for illustrating real geographic concepts. The maps you have provided, while aesthetically pleasing, are not useful in those terms.Further, allowing the community to import assets could save you some development costs while providing increased functionality for teachers. Matter of fact, in that spirit, I would suggest taking a look at the design of the website Roll20. I have considered trying to use it in my classroom but I have some concerns about the content students might try to bring into it.

Hi Devin,

This is a really good suggestion, I am adding your voice to our feature request concerning the possibility of giving more customization options to teachers!

Roll20 is super cool and could be a good inspiration for some interesting new features in Classcraft. As you mention, allowing more customization can be a double edged sword so we need to weigh the pros and the cons before developing such features. 


I found this thread because my school organizes the student population into different houses like in Harry Potter, only the houses are different Universities in Texas. Is it possible for just teachers to upload custom artwork to represent teams as well? 

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