Changing student avatars from teacher login

I have a number of students whose parents have not given permission for them to create an account on Classcraft. We use my login for them to use powers, power points, etc., but not having the option to change student gear from the teacher account is really limiting those students from experiencing the avatar portion of the game. That seems to be one of the portions of the game students enjoy the most. 

I would suggest the teacher account be given the ability to change the avatars of students without access or log in credentials.

I would like to agree with this. I think a solution to this would be to give us the option to "View as Student" like is available in the Demo class. That way teachers like Ryan could work with students in his situation and many of us that are not in that situation could still see the students' details as well.

I agree it a serious disadvantage and unfair to students from poor communities who do not have access to computers or lack computer skills.

The teacher being able to help should be a vital feature, that can be done in class without a teacher having to sign out and re-sign in to their account just to help them.

I agree with this 100%. It really limits the game when some students are not able/allowed to access the game to work from their own account! Please make this adjustment ASAP.

Thank you for your input everyone! I have shared this with our developers to review!

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