Boos Battle - missed hits

My students love boss battles! But recently we are having issues with missed hits! We noticed that one of my students ALWAYS gets a missed hit. Whenever he gets the answer right, it always misses.


It also happened a few time that even though they got all the right answers, they didn't win because they got too many misses (and no critical hits to balance things out) even if I always create more questions to allow them to get a few wrong answers...


And also, a little suggestion for the boss battles : would it be possible to randomize the order of the multiple choices? I noticed that my students memorize the number (for example, they remember that for that question, the answer is choice number 3; they don't even take the time to read the 4 possible answers because they already know it is number 3)... I thought that if the choice order could be randomized, they would have to read all the possibilities.


Thanks for reading this!

Hi Lyne,

1- About the same student getting misses on Boss battles. We have tested the randomness of our Boss battles and while it may seem like the same student keeps getting misses, we can assure you that this student is simply unlucky and the result is completely random.

2- Same thing for the students no being able to defeat a monster. However, if this happens very often, I would suggest changing the amount of HP removed by each question so that your students have more chances to beat the Boss.

3- As for randomizing the order of the answers. This is a good idea, I will send this suggestion to our decision makers!
For the moment, you can change the order manually.


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