New way of teaching


Hello everyone!

I'm a physics teacher at the Irene Caporali de Souza public school in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm just starting to use Classcraft and my students are enjoying the new way of learning, they are also super excited!
I particularly feel honored to provide this learning interactively. For a promising future.

Welcome Irene!  I'm so excited that you are excited for Classcraft!  It is an amazing tool that I use everyday in my classroom.  Good luck!

Welcome Irene,  You have been using Classcraft now for a couple of weeks, how is it going?  I love Classcraft and can't image not using this in my class everyday.  The first few weeks and last few weeks of school and weird because the students don't have their chrome books and we don't use Classcraft at those times.  I love it and so do my students.  I hope you and your students enjoy it as much as we do in Spring, Texas.

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