Treasures of Tavaros on Quests

The Treasure of Tavaros is great.  It gives teachers the option (in game rules) to set a pass/fail %.  It then judges Google Classroom assignments by pass/fail based on that % and gives points dependant on the score.  Having this as a reward option on quest objectives would be far superior to the current reward system. 

Currently, in student-paced mode, students submit an assignment and get an xp/gp reward without considering how they actually performed.  This reinforces the "completionist" attitude of students who only wish to "get through" assignments to get xp.  

If you add Treasure of Tavaros to quest objectives you could also use it to judge pass/fail based on % and automatically move students down a green "pass" path or a red x "fail" path.  This would automate differentiation. 

I second this comment - though it would require you to have a grading option during the setup of the quest task and you would have to fill it in instead of just ticking the box as complete.

Man, I ABSOLUTELY second this idea. Especially for high school where that differentiation is kicking in hard and the variance in grades is far more critical than pass/fail

I love this idea as well. Connecting these features makes a lot of sense.

Luke, the idea is that we shouldn't have to tick anything.  Just let Treasure of Tavaros mechanics access Google Classroom assignments on Quest Objectives and automate pass/fail differentiation based on the %.  So if Tavaros determines that the assignment was 70/100 you'd get a pre-determined amount of points for the  10% over 60% and you'd automatically go down the green path. If you got 59% you'd automatically go down the red path and not receive any xp.  I like you idea of adding it as a quest setup option though rather than throwing it in Game Settings tab. 

That would work really well Scott; however, some of us don't have access to google classrooms (our entire state education is blocked from - can't even access googledocs on school computers). 

Automation of the grading from classrooms would be an awesome feature though I would need a manual entry capability as I doubt I will ever be allowed integration. 

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