Is there a minimum number of students

I have a small class of 3 students.  Motivation and class management are a challenge. Would Classcraft work in this situation?

Hi Aimee!

In order to get the full potential of Classcraft, you need to have at least three student characters in your class. You'll want at least one Warrior, one Mage, and one Healer on a team for the collaborative aspects of the game to work properly. If your class has three students, it will work perfectly!

Have fun with Classcraft and let us know if you need help with anything! :)

Hey there Aimee,

I had a small group of Independent Study students (2) who had a unique situation where they had similar paths but a more open framework for their work. I set up a class for the two of them and used the Quest format to deliver content. It was my attempt to give them some shared experience, even though their research content was very different. This allowed us to frame their journeys something they did together and made for more productive times when we met together. 

In addition to the Quests, you can also use the class tools like Boss Battles and Wheel of Destiny to make small events a little bigger. I have also taught a few small size classes and any time I can have some help making mundane things feel 'bigger,' I will take it because I think it helps to frame that small of a class as more of a co-op than a race. We all work together and support one another. The Boss Battle, for instance, can be a way for the students to work together to answer work.

I am wondering if you ended up using Classcraft with your students and how it is going.

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