Answer Feedback for Boss Battles

Is there any chance you can look at customisation options for the 'CORRECT' response to a boss battle. I would love to enter further information for clarity.

Yes that is the answer and here is a brief explanation of why you are correct for the rest of the class who are following along.

While I usually do this as a verbal address during the game, it would be nice for me to be able to code reminders to myself in as I tend to cover numerous classes on numerous topics and can get muddled. The ability to add information onto the form that pops up on a correct answer would be valuable.

ie; Question: In many cities there exist areas of deprivation close by gentrified areas that remain unaffordable to members of a lower socio-demography. Which of the following is not a reason for deprivation in western cities?​

Multiple Choice

* Poor access to education

*Areas of delapidated or just plain 'dated' housing

*Unemployment after the decline in industry

*Safety and security concerns in relation to high crime areas

Addendum Information: Whilst some areas have better educational opportunities than others, everyone has access to a free basic education in most western countries. This is a notable counterpoint to that of developing nations in which the gap caused by education can have a powerful influence on deprivation.

Tags: Urbanisation Deprivation Privilege


The addendum information would be invaluable regardless of whether the answer was correct or false. It gives students the opportunity to correct mistakes with understanding rather than just a rote response.

This would also be of assistance if and when Classcraft boss battles finally migrate to quests as well as stand alone as it will allow for the correction of false presumptions at the time of the battle.


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