How to use ClassCraft on a daily basis

Hi all,

This year will be my 4th year using ClassCraft! I teach FSL in Middle School. I have only one computer in my classroom (connected to my Smart Board. Usually I start the class with a daily event, then starting with a random student (chosen by the wheel of destiny) I go through the list of students and they tell me if they want to use their powers and which one. This technique is good in the sense that they all get their chance to use their powers, and because I start with a random player, through the year they all get the chance to be the first one to use some powers that are limited (like using the computer chair... I have only one, so only one student a day can use this power...). And they get to practice French because they have to tell me in French what they want to do.

But it is very time consuming! I have to go through a list of about 25 students, and sometimes for example if they level up they have to think if they want a new power, or they forget what some of their powers are so I have to reexplain what Favor of the Gods is... It sometimes takes about 15 minutes to go through the whole class, and only one student at the time is choosing what they do, so the rest of the class is bored... not a very efficient time... 

But I have quite many students who don't have have a phone or even access to Internet... And many of my students are interested enough in ClassCraft to use it is class but not interested enough to download the app and use their power at home. So if I don't let them use their powers in class, warriors would not protect, healers would not heal, mages would not transfer mana...

So I am interested in how everyone use ClassCraft in  class, and if you have any idea on how I could use it in a more efficient way!

Hi Lyne. I'm new this year and am wondering how all of that works as well. My other question is regarding the loss of XP. There will be an option for another teammate to save said student so how do I do that? Do I stop and call up the student who can make a difference? They are not on their devices during class (should they be?) to get an alert. 

Can students just come up and tell you they want to use a power? I guess I thought they could do that through the app on their own.

Hey Lyne,

You did a good job explaining your situation and reasons for doing why you play like you do. I'm blessed that my school is one-to-one, so all kids have chromebooks and can log on to use powers and such. I don't have so many powers that use things like the computer chair, though. I had a couple thoughts...

Print off the PDF of rules for your class. Then, print off copies of each class and I would give this to each student to keep so they can see what the powers are. This should give them something to keep in their binder and they don't have to be reminded what the powers do. They can then remember what their powers are by even checking them off. Maybe this would help?

If they're not interested enough to want to protect and such, I would let them just not do that. Then, their teammates will fuss at them, "Why aren't you protecting me?" and maybe it will make the warriors want to do better. Maybe. Really depends on the kids. 


Re: Charity

Uh, I would steer away from losing XP if possible. XP should be a positive only for the most part. I have one event that removes XP but that is it.

Now, if you mean HP, the screen will prompt you with it. Let me include a screenshot.

So, I can click "Deal with damage later" and students can use their apps or computers to handle it. Otherwise, I can stop here and ask the other two, "Ryan? Amber? Do one of you want to help?" 

I usually give the kids a day or two to respond to Delayed Damage before I apply it.

And yes, students can click on the powers on their own, but some powers you want this to be the case (I don't need you to tell me you're healing your teammate, just do it) and others, I NEED them to tell me. Don't assume you can just walk out for 4 minutes by turning invisible. Ask me and then I'll let you use it.

Hope some of that helps!

ME: "Hey guess what . . . ?"



That is how I start EVERY day in my Grade 7 class and I will NEVER go back. :) Since i started using Classcraft last year, I has become one of my core organization and class management strategies, mainly because it is so well organized and layered . . . but also because it is SO FREAKIN' FUN!!


I do agree that Classcraft should be used on a daily basis, and incorporated into as many aspects of your classroom environment as possible, but for the un-initiated, that could be seen as daunting. In fact, long before me and my teaching partner 9@Mr_Severino) started the Ambassador program we held a mini/unofficial PD for some friends from another school. At the end of the whole thing they said "This is AWESOME . . . but how will i ever manage it all". That got us thinking.


Similar to what has been said above, we always try to start our day with a Random Event, right off the bat. Good or not-so-good, it always injects a nice level of energy at 8:30 in the morning. As intermediate teachers, we also try to have students assist in morning attendance, and while they do that they also take responsibility for marking all absent students absent on the CC roster, ensuring that Random Events, Boss Battles or student selection events are accurate and fair to the day.


Boss battle are ALWAYS a tool we use to prepare for quizzes and tests, and we actively try to create one that is both challenging and fun, and balanced between team and solo efforts. All students will answer all questions, but it will be the selected student/group that is responsible for submitting the answer. We also have started a 'life line" option where a student/group can check their answer off others in the class (to ensure landing a hit on the boss), but it costs their group ALL of their AP. Adds a nice little twist to the game.


Frank (Mr_Severino) and I began a CC Economy where we made actual paper credits, and students use their character profiles as a bank to store what they earn, and can then withdraw/deposit for a number of reasons including helping with extra tasks around the school, use in a term long Stock Market activity for Numeracy, and for a bi-weekly store where they can buy snacks and other tom-foolery (running the store is also a student job). Oh . . . and did I mention that our students need to pay Desk Rent every week. :) APPLICABLE Financial Literacy. Ain’t it great!


ALL of the above endeavours came after much experimentation and trial, but the process reminded us that, as with everything, you get out of something what you put in. Knowing what you want to get out of the Classcraft platform is the first step in the process, and once you become more aware of the degree to which you want to use the platform, the motivation to find the best solution will power you through whatever effort it will take.


Hope that helps!

Tim Martin


I use random events to start each of my classes every day.  The kids like to see what's going to happen, and it always get the class started on a positive note, even when it's a 'bad' random event.  I keep track of any infractions on my attendance sheet, and add them throughout the class when possible, or after class, putting HP loss in the damage queue if possible.  On Fridays, we do "Classcraft Catchup," where any damage is given, powers are learned, etc.  

I use random events to start everyday. Luckily my school has one to one iPads so students can easily use their powers. However I have them sign a sheet every Friday saying what powers they want to use. I also use the quests and whenever students have free time they can do the quests as well as every Friday. I also do the boss battles as a whole group with teams competing against each other. I would suggest printing out the powers and posting them and letting students sign up on a particular day for what they want to use.

I teach 6th grade and there are some days that we can't or do not need to be on line one to one based on behavior, or time constraints and special schedules and so on. To keep them engaged, and yet not bog myself down I use an excel spreadsheet printed for each class so that I can track events, award merit, or assign consequences. To make it easy and effective to use I have headers on the sheet as follows:

Name   Class (w,h,m)  25 XP  50 XP 75XP  100 XP 150XP  GP  -5HP -10HP -15 HP  RE   Powers Used   Notes


RE stands for Random Event.

Using a sheet like this I can easily track what student gains or loses HP, or GP (I write + or - based on their actions), gains XP, uses powers, and make notes for extra details about what they have done. 

Using this approach I can catch everything up later online, like during planning time or right after school, and update the kids on the results the next day. 

Hello there!  I can see your dilemma with only having one computer!  My typical class starts off very similar to yours.  I start off with a daily event, and then students can use powers.  Most of my students do not opt to use their powers!  If it is a chair move, they can let me know during warm up that they want to move.  I then use the software for either random student selection, or for boss battles if we have one that day.

On days that are more heavily involved in Classcraft (quest days), I have chromebooks for each student to log on to.  It is my guess that you don't have that ability, which is a downer.  One thing my middle school kids is "shopping".  I allow students to use their gold both in, and outside of Classcraft.  So, they can spend gold to upgrade their characters, or they can use it in our classroom store.  The store is usually fairly labor intensive, so I only let them shop on Fridays.  Each week I put out different things they can buy at a variety of price points: Candy, Pencil, Erasers, Hydroflask Stickers, Lunch Bunch, etc.  Perhaps you could allow your kids to purchase privileges if you don't want to purchase outside materials.  For instance, maybe they could be "teachers aid" for a day, or a "food pass" to eat snacks in class.  A favorite amongst my kids is getting to sit at my desk.  I have no idea why, but they LOVE sitting at my desk.  :D  

I have been using Classcraft for the past 2 years and each year I have learned more and more about everything it has to offer. I currently teach 4th grade and use it mainly to keep track of points. My school uses Classdojo and it seemed too kiddie for my students and I. I do want to use random events for my students.


Thanks for the information:)


Hey Lynne,

The main tool I use on a daily basis with Classcraft is the Wheel of Destiny, which is just the random student picker. I don't really see where it's necessary for all students to be chosen upon every day, but using this tool really keeps them on their toes. My classes are 1-to-1 with Chromebooks, but I also use an iPad to call upon students instead of keeping student's information on the Smartboard. Maybe you could apply for a DonorsChoose grant so that you could keep a class iPad or Chromebook that the students could use to check on their account. Another awesome tool I use on a daily basis it the volume meter. The more important thing that I focus on is keeping goals achievable and positive. At our school, there is a huge push for PBIS, so I reward students for showing the school's behavior goals as opposed to taking points away.

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