[Solved] Delayed Damage Bug & Notifications

I didn't see a bug reporting section of the forums, so I'm putting this here.

Lately I've been experiencing an issue with delayed damage.  Once I apply delayed damage from the new 'To Do's' part of the interface, the delayed damage is done, but the message is not removed from the 'To Do's' list.  When I click again, it gives me the option to apply damage, again.  I've been applying the damage once, and then canceling the damage after it doesn't go away, and this solution seems to work, but it is a work-around, and needs to be fixed.

Another bug with delayed damage, is the message displays incorrectly on the delayed damage screen.  It read 'Damage for desc'.

I would like to note that I like the filter options in the To Do's and Notifications.  It needs more work, but it's the beginnings of something that could be quite helpful.  I would like to see more things in the notifications list, currently it appears to be displaying power use and sentences only, and does not display the matching power graphic, but instead displays the basic graphic.  Displaying the matching power graphic is preferable

Hi Aaron,

Our developers have addressed both of these behaviors in the past weeks. If you are still experiencing these situations, please reach out directly to support@classcraft.com with as much information as possible and we will investigate further.


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