New Boss Battle Style / New Class Tool

I was thinking today that a "Family Feud" style board would be an awesome set-up for a boss battle or even a whole new class tool. For example, if I had a question with 10 possible answers, the game would display the board and a space for me or the students to type their answers. If it is correct, it's revealed on the board and they continue. If it's wrong, they lose health, a guess, whatever. So it could be set up as answer within X guesses or lose health or lose X health for every guess that's wrong. On the flip side, they could be rewarded for completion of the board, or if they didn't complete it, for however much they were able to answer correctly. I hope this makes sense, because it seems great and fun in my head! Thanks for all y'all do!

Sounds like fun Jordan!

I'll be sure to pass it on to our developers!

Keep those ideas coming.

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