Dealing with A-Day and B-Day Classes

Hi everyone! New Gamemaster here.

I'm trying to determine how to manage my unique teaching situation.

I have two 7th Grade Math classes that I want to run Classcraft in. Some of the students cycle between the two classes several times a week. For example, John might in my 1st period class on Monday (which is an A-Day) and in my 2nd Period class on Tuesday (which is a B-Day). Since we switch back and forth every day, I'm not sure how to manage that student, since he's one of very few to swap.

At first, I tried making a class for 1A and one for 1B, but that came with its own set of problems. For instance, I have to choose between having two separate teams for each student and having no teams on B-Days. For right now, all teams are assigned only to A-Days, but this means that on B-Days, students can't use collaborative powers.

All in all, I'm at a loss for what would be best.

Are there any tools or features I'm missing to be able to make the best of this situation?

Thank you!

Hi Jared,

The way you seem to have it set up should work well considering your situation is a bit more complicated than most classes.

You can have the students who switch between periods in both of your classes, that will put them in a state called Multi-class. These students would then be able to switch which class they are playing in from their student account. In the upper left corner of the screen they can click on the class name to switch from class to class.

Also, you could create teams in both classes but if you believe it is easier to not have any teams in the second class it can work really well. Any Classcraft class that does not contain teams will consider all of the students in this class as being part of one class wide team! Students can therefore use collaborative powers on any of their classmates.


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