[Solved] Can ClassCraft be implemented in StudyHall?

I work at an after school program where students come to get extra tutoring and instruction to a) help them pass High School with the necessary GPA, and b) help them pass the ACT with the necessary scores to get into college. 

My role in this program is leading a kind of "study hall" for mathematics. The students come in and I mostly help them to complete their math homework. I may have to explain/lecture here and there if there is something a student, or a number of students, don't understand, or if there is something of interest we want to discuss. However, I don't really give quizzes or tests (although additional practice problems aren't out of the question).

I really love the idea of Classcraft and the way it makes the class fun and engaging. I'm curious if it is possible to implement this in a class with no quizzes/tests and students who might even be working on different assignments. (same material, but different assignments since they have different teachers).

We want the after school program to be fun and engaging; students come to us after they've already been in school for 6-7 hours. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment where we can help students on their quest to succeed. This seems like it could be a lot of fun if it is viable for a study hall type of class. 

edit: probably important to mention. The students enroll in this after school program, so the students are here consistently. It isn't like they just drop in whenever they please. If there isn't someone currently doing it, I'm going to continue studying Classcraft and see if I can't be the first. 


edit 2: oh, I also will have access to their grades from the quizzes and tests they take at their schools. So maybe I could work with that...

Hi Andrew,

Your vision seems completely possible within Classcraft! Since your students would be working on different assignments, your best bet would be to create open ended quests.

You could create an introduction to your quest that would be consulted by all students and then this introduction could branch out into different objectives for each of your students. Each branch could be named after the student it is aimed at and therefore would make it possible to have each of them complete the appropriate assignments while still benefiting from the motivational elements of working together in Classcraft!

Please give us some feedback on your experimentation, we would love to know how you adapted Classcraft to your setting!


I don't fully understand. How would they be working together in Classcraft. 

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