Multiple classes with the same students in different groupings

I am the ESOL teacher at my high school.  I have about 26 students.  I see 15 of them twice a day, once for their language arts class and once for their support class (help for other classes and specifically working on the language development skills).  However, the language arts classes are divided by scores on testing and the support classes are whatever fits their schedule best.  I'm trying to decide how to do teams.  Should I only group students with other students in their language arts classes?  Should I only group students who only have me once with others in their class in the same situation?  

Any guidance is appreciated!

Hi Jeane,

We would suggest you create different classes for your students as many of our class activities will randomly choose students and you wouldn't like to have a student who is not in class at the moment be chosen; it would defeat the 'wow' moment of a student being randomly chosen :)

So you could create one class for the 15 you see twice a day and another class for the 26 (15 of them would be in 2 different classes on Classcraft).

Alternatively, if some students are not present in class you can then mark them as absent and that will prevent them from being chosen in the random events and they will not gain XP from class activities in which they did not participate:


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