Rationing XP and Gold

I'm looking to use Classcraft this upcoming school year in a "saga" format. I'm thinking each quest will encompass a full chapter (we usually cover 10-12 chapters a year) and therefore they will complete about the same number of quests (I'm also thinking one or two "enrichment quests" for my quick workers). I want to spread out the XP and gold distribution so that students who work diligently all year have a fully upgraded character by the course end. How much XP is needed to move up a given level and how much gold is needed to purchase all the items for a given costume? 

Hi Robert, 

Your plan looks solid, I'm certain your students will love your quests!

1- To answer your question about the amount of XP needed to level up:
The XP required for a student to level up depends on the game duration, which is input during the initial setup, as well as the number of classes each student is playing in. You can manually change the XP required to level up in the Game Rules section in your class settings.
You can consult this article from our knowledge center to learn all about XP: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003425213-Awarding-XP-and-leveling-up

2- As for the amount of GP needed to acquire complete item sets (Keep in mind that students also like to mix and match sets and won't always buy complete sets) here are the baseline values. These values go up if your students play in more than one class as they will have more opportunities to amass gold:
Level 2 : 300 GP
Level 3 : 360 GP
Level 4 : 450 GP
Level 5 : 510 GP
Level 6 : 600 GP
Level 7 : 660 GP
Level 8 : 750 GP
Level 9 : 810 GP
Level 10 : 900 GP
Level 11 : 960 GP
Level 12 : 1050 GP
Level 13 : 1110 GP
Level 14 : 1200 GP
Level 15 : 1260 GP
Level 16 : 1350 GP
Level 17 : 1410 GP
Level 18 : 1500 GP
Grand Total needed for every set = 15180 GP

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