The Warrior's Sword & Shield

What happened to the Warrior's sword and shield?  Unlocking the new cool looking weapons was always one of the highlights for my warrior students.  Now it seems all the warriors have various types of glowing punch-fists, and their shields have a translucent look to them.

Personally, I don't like the graphics change at all.  Please change it back.

Additionally, if this is some sort of move away from weapons due to sensitivities that can come in school cultures, lets keep in mind that this is a fantasy setting.  Warriors are their group's protectors, and they need powerful weapons and shields (that aren't see-through) to fulfill that role.  Is someone thinking that having cool swords in Classcraft is encouraging students to bring swords to school to have sword fights, or thinking stabbing each other is cool?  I say no way.  Along those lines, how is a glowing power-fist any different.  Won't those encourage students to be power-punching each other?

If this is somehow supposed to be an improvement for Warriors, then it's a step in the wrong direction.  Warriors aren't magic-punching battle-mages;  they're warriors, and they're equipment should reflect that.

The graphics change on the logo was also a step downhill.  The old logo ways way better looking.

Hi Aaron,

We understand your position and the fantasy elements of Classcraft are important to us as well!

The Warriors' power stones should not be underestimated however, the energy shields they create offer formidable protection! (I heard they provided a +3 bonus to AC, sorry I'm a D&D fan)

I invite you to consult the blog article the company founders have created to explain the changes that you have noticed recently:

Onward and upward, to infinity and beyond!

Energy shields and power stones are alright I suppose.  Although from an oldschool D&D standpoint, energy shields should be extremely high level, level 15+ at least.  Wood, leather, and metal is what belongs in a lower level warrior's shield.

I'm still not sold on power stones, it looks too much like a mage or healer thing, and doesn't quite have that real warrior look.

Now, if the Classcraft team wants to consider re-doing some of the warrior weapon selections, let's really go for it.  The old options were 16 types of blades, a shortbow and a flail.  The new options are 18 types of power stones.  Let's pull on that ol' D&D inspiration and bring out some variety... I'd like to see:









and oh so many other possibilities

If you really want to go into an improved look, consider a purchase that warriors could buy with their gold that unlocks not only a new weapon, but a new stance.  Two-handed weapons, no shield, should cost as much as a sword & shield together, (this could even be a lvl 1 unlockable with gold).  This would open up a whole new lineup of weapon possibilities, and add a new dimension of personal customization for students.

I still like the old weapon set better, and the old logo.  I did read the article, even before I posted about the weapons change...  but still like the old graphics better.




I'm going to piggyback on this. I just archived my classes from this past spring semester. The warriors there still had their weapons.

However, I do not want to see the weapons go away. Aaron's comments concern me greatly. To me, this should be an option a teacher can decide on. I can see where some people in certain settings would not want weapons shown, but to me and my students, that is a lot of the coolness factor for Classcraft.

I can understand WHY Classcraft had to change their logo as well, too, but I am not a fan of the new logo either. I prefer the old one. 

I realize Classcraft is a small team and there is a lot going on behind the scenese none of us know about, but there seem to be a lot of things that have been pushed to the forefront that are unnecessary and a lot of things a lot of us have been begging for that just aren't there yet, but have been teased for years now.

Thank you both for your input.

The removal of warriors' weapons was not an easy decision to make for us but it was a decision that we feel was necessary from the feedback we received from educators and school administrators.

I have shared your testimonials with the team and you can be certain that our goal is to create a platform that can help as many educators and students while staying true to our values!

Jumping on this bandwagon as well.

It is disappointing that this feeling of censorship is insinuating itself into so many aspects of our society. I understand why the decision was made, but question why there wasn't consideration for optional inclusion. I teach at a high school level. My students usually enjoy classcraft; however, they were the ones pointing out to me the most recent changes. They questioned whether it was a matter of censorship (a nice conversational intro to discussing the nature of censorship and its operation in contemporary society) and were outraged at the idea that their game was being changed. Two have pulled out of playing on high horsed principle. 


I would like to continue using classcraft, however I need a mountain of paperwork signed by parents for permission to use it and without students pushing for it, I fear I may not have active numbers for future classes. 


Classcraft has been wonderful and I look forward to continuing to use it.



My 7th grade students are very disappointed with the changes with the warriors' weapons, as am I. This is a fantasy based game, and part of getting the kids excited to use it is that the graphics mirror what they would see in a real fantasy video game. Please bring back the original warrior gear, or allow teachers the ability to unlock it for specific classes. You could even offer it for the students to buy with their GP.


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