Variation Suggestions

Hi there! This is the first year I’ve used Classcraft. I really enjoyed it. I had mixed success with he kids, but that stemmed more from my inexperience with the platform. I used it for my Fantasy Lit. course, it was a natural fit.

This leads to my suggestion - please consider updating your platform for different genres. I imagine it would be relatively easy to render character portraits for Superheroes or Monsters or Action style characters. Perhaps even offer the ability to move between genres. This for Of Mice and Men my kids can have cowboy uniforms. For Lord of the Flies “forest wander” type. Just food for thought!

Hi Robert!

We are very happy to read that Classcraft has worked for you in your class! We also appreciate your feedback about the platform. It is true that, for now, we only offer a fantasy theme to the game. Unfortunately, the aesthetics of the characters is not something we can change easily. You are not the first teacher to have brought this up but we appreciate every feedback we receive as we are always looking to improve our platform. We will definitely look for ways to address this in the future! 

Also, if you are interested, here is a video showing how the Psionic Mage was made to help you understand the creative process of our Illustrators:

Have a wonderful day! :)


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