Preset Feedback, Easier to click "Save" button, Classdashboard, New submit from last check.

Hi there,

I know sometime having lots of feedback is not a good thing, especially if the team is on sprint of developing some other features. It's kinda distraction, lol. I'm not sure how long I can be a teacher and because of switching to another work field means I can no longer experience classcraft as a teacher like what I had with my students through recent school year. I've been using Classcraft for 3 months, then introduce to other teachers and my director of training, then he decided to use it for training new cohort fellow, then the organization expansion program to use Classcraft to train local teachers in others 5 provinces, also another fellow want to use Classcraft for Teach For All in South East Asia alumni gathering in Malaysia. So deeply feel this app could make a different for my country education. I afraid that if I'm not contribute my experience for the team to make a better version of Classcraft. I will forget and burry what I truly feel forever. That's why I commit to write some suggestions for the team just in case you want to listen from teacher who work on the site.

1. Preset feedback & Easier to click save button. 

I love how I can give feedback in Classcraft, that makes Classcraft standout between Quizizz, Classdojo,... Just one thing is that sometime giving feedback such as 1,2 words is enough for the kids to move on the task. There can be presets of feedback (or Artificial Intelligent recommending reply like Google Mail AI)



Pic 1

Also in this picture, I'm using 15 inch laptop, display 1366x768 but still the save button need a little bit scrolling down.That sometime discourage me to give feedback because it takes time to write for 60 student, and more time to scrolling down to click save.

2. Class Dashboard. 

I suddenly found these picture in my director of training dashboard

Top Pet Trainer Most dedicated Student Top EXP

And if you know more about Gamification Core Drive 5 (I think the team may know about that because I saw a series of Classcraft and Yu-kai Chou on Octalysis Prime - platform learn about gamification and way to design UX). Student will be crazy out of it if teachers are provided and released this Dashboard for each of their class.

Foudation: if you play the game Life After - there are a mechanics that keep players motivated: news about other warriors in the clan everyday. Just online and you know who did the most outstanding yesterday.

Application for classcraft: Premium version is already good with Unlimited Quest and Boss Fight feature. Howabout a Class Dashboard is available for each teacher if they are in School/District version instead of Analytics about HP, EXP, GP only? I believe that teachers will be more motivated to request the school to buy the license to access that Dashboard and use it to motivate back for students. 

3. New submission sign from the last seen.

I love the function of unsubmit that giving students one more chances, but when it comes to real practice, unsubmitting without knowing when the student has just resubmited is like a burden task to check each objectives to see have they finish all. Especially when using self pace mode and resubmiting the work. 

My suggestion: suggest 1, suggest 2 

Create a sign of new submision so that everytime the student resubmit, teacher can quickly know that from the overview or the best case: from the objectives map instead of going to each objectives and open the student assignment to compare whether it new or old.


Thank you for considering my ideas. 

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