Boss Battle is NOT formative assessment

I was really excited about the "Boss Battle" being a "formative" assessment, but it's NOT! This is incredibly disappointing seeing as how the students are a lot more interested in learning about a subject through ClassCraft. I thought "Boss Battle" was something that could be done individually by a student on their own account; hence being labeled as a "formative assessment". I didn't think it would be something that is done with the whole class. A whole class assessment where students can get a little too excited and try to give the answer to someone else is more an informative assessment. This might work for older students but not for younger ones (who I teach). I also don't like how the students can't click on the options shown. Instead they click "Show Answer" which of course will lead them to say "Yes, that's the correct answer, I got it right." even though that's not the option they were thinking of. I feel "Boss Battle" would be a lot more effective and truly a formative assessment if it was individual and can do done via the student's account. My students agree that it is not fun the way it is done now. They would be a lot more interested in doing a "Boss Battle" if it were completed by them on their own laptop. And myself, my colleagues, and my administration would feel it would be best if they clicked on the option as opposed to "showing the answer". Please, please, please improve the "Boss Battle"! 

These are very good points you bring forward!

A form of individualized Boss Battles is something we are discussing internally and believe could be very interesting. However, for the moment, our Boss Battles are meant as a class activity.

Concerning the students not being able to click the answer. The Boss Battles have been designed with the intention of having the teacher stay at his computer and project the Boss Battle on a screen. Allowing the designated team or individual student to look at the question and choice of answers and then give you their answer orally.

We understand that it is not as interactive as having the students click on their choice by themselves and for this reason, I added your voice to the teachers asking for individualized Boss Battles in our feature request platform :)


Hi Nicolas and Classcraft Team, individual/small group boss battle/boss battle/auto grading quest concept is repeatedly mentioned quite many times recently. Personally when I introduce Classcraft to local teachers, district department of education specialists, and new fellow cohort of Teach For Vietnam (my organization) I'm working on, mostly see the boss battle function can be improved by auto grading, individual/small group boss battle quest so that it will be much worthy for teacher to use and district to buy. So I would advise Classcraft business development team to put in that suggest in consideration/making survey to see whether it worthwhile for team resource and ROI.

We have been asking for self grading boss battles since CC started way before quests came into play. I don't know what is taking so long.

Add me to the list of folks that are wanting a form of individualized and auto graded assessment. My students like the Boss Battles but they always ask me if it is something they could do by themselves. I also want the feature so I don't have to look for something outside of Classcraft for tools to use that don't mesh well with with the immersion into Classcraft.

Hey everyone,

We hear you loud and clear and we want to give you access to such a feature!

As soon as we clear our current projects, our development team wishes to tackle this!

I can make no promises but this project is on our roadmap!


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