Multi Exp in an Adding

Hello Classcraft lovers and developers,

I'd love to have the feature of multi select experience point like the picture below. It means that I can choose more than 1 reason to reward student. 

The reason for this are: 
1. If I award point just for a specific behavior (eg. give your friend a compliment), another students (mine is Grade 3,4 with 35 students/class) will be easily framed to just some behavior that are rewarded. Thus I prefer reward for the characteristic so that I won't miss another good behavior of student just because I have too much behavior preset already or don't have enough time to think a name for it. 

2. When students behave specifically well, or write a valuable comment in a disscussion there are many characteristic included. So with a good piece of work, behavior I don't have to click to the name, choose a characteristic then click again choose another characteristic.

I think rewarding a behavior is also a good way to initiate a specific set of values, but in another case that is about wanting the kids to develop and maintain a culture (include many set of values). Thank you for reading.