[Solved] Level 100?!?! Help!

I started a new class and added students who were in a previous class (importing them from Google Classroom). When doing so, it carried over their existing levels. I forgot, shortly after our first go around, I let a student create their own class and they added their friends (not knowing I was going to bring back the game at the end of the year). In doing so, they got all their friends up to a level 100. 

I know I can bring their gold points down (also very high) but I can't seem to find a way to drop their levels. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

Yikes!  I had something similar happen when I was first starting in classcraft.  As far as removing XP, it works just like removing gold.  Press the -/+ button and type in -x amount of xp you want to take. Unfortunately, in testing, this doesn't seem to take away any powers or costumes they've unlocked. 

Back when it happened to me I just deleted characters and had them remake them, but that doesn't work now with the multi-class, which doesn't seem to be able to be opted out of, which I hate. 

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