Suggestion - Character Gender Customization

Hello Classcraft community and creators!

The topic of non-cisgendered characters has been something I have been thinking about since I first started using Classcraft in September. After reviewing the only thread on the topic (from 2017) I would like to make a suggestion that creates inclusivity with as little work for the Classcraft developers as possible.

I understand that creating non-binary characters portraits is ideal but unreasonable considering how much art would have to be commissioned for all the outfits for all three classes.

So here is my simple solution:

Pronoun selection during character creation


In order to make this function, when a student picks a character class they can pick between any of the avatars available (currently separated between male and female with attached pronouns) and then pick pronouns from a drop down list.

I understand that this is not suitable for every teacher, grade or school so it should be a toggle-able option during class creation.


Obviously, having non-binary character art would also be amazing, however this is a start that will help students (and teachers) of all genders fell included in the game.


Would love to hear any feedback on this idea and hope the developers will take it into consideration.


(Also, in the future, can we see "gendered" costume options - like the pink vs blue furry cape from the winter costume options - extended to all avatars?)

Wow, really good suggestion, London!

I'm sending this to our developers and designers to give them ideas on how to better include everyone in Classcraft :)

Love this idea!!  The ability to select pronouns for avatars would be great as would an avatar option that doesn't read as specifically male or female.  A wider range of skin tone options would also be appreciated for more students to see themselves in their avatar!

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