Teams and House System

I am planning to dive deep into Classcraft next year when I can get full buy-in from my students. My school does a house system similar to Ron Clark Academy (think Harry Potter). Should I have students in teams based on their houses, or allow them to form their own teams?

Hi David, 

It is at the teacher's discretion, and will often depend on the age of your students. Some teachers will even alternate Classcraft teams throughout the school year so that everyone gets a chance to work together.

What will be important to keep in mind, is that each team should have at least one Warrior, one Mage, and one Healer, in order to fully benefit from all the collaborative powers. 

Happy Classcrafting!

Do students get to choose whether they are a mage, healer, or warrior?

Stefani, I allowed them to choose. I didn't do as well with Classcraft as I would have liked to do. It was just a lot of stuff extra that I would forget to do.

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