Clearing out Random Events for new unit

I would like to have an easy way to remove all my Random Events so I can import my new random events. I create a template class for each unit I Egypt and Greece. In these classes I create custom Random Events. The only way to add these into my current class is to delete all of my old events and then import the new ones. This is a tedious task of clicking the edit button and then clicking delete for 30+ events. There has to be a better way.


Hi Zack!

Unfortunately, there is no way to bulk erase our random events for the moment. :(

We are always exploring new ways to improve our platform and we hope to be able to add this feature to Classcraft in the future. I will add your vote to our feature request platform right away!

Feel free to send other great ideas our way, we love receiving input from teachers around the world! :)

Have a great day and stay an awesome teacher!


Jenny Cloutier, Classcraft Community Manager

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