QUESTS - More Teacher Control of Rewards and Self-Paced Feature in Quests.

I love quests, but one thing I wish was different is the rewards on self-paced tasks. I wish there was an option to delay the reward until the teacher checks that the student has genuinely completed the task. Also, I wish I could give students a mark on the assignment separate from the done not done.

My ideas:

First - When making quests, there are 3 options instead of 2. Fully self-paced progress (as it is now), teacher needs to move you forward (as it is now), and a Delayed Reward self-paced option (new). The new option would allow students to move on to the next task when they think they are done, but they don't earn any points for their work until a teacher as looked at the work. This would eliminate the students that try to click through the self-paced tasks without doing them properly (I have a handful of students that have learned that if they submit a blank assignment they can earn the points to buy new gear and train pets etc.). 

Second - When scoring work - I unsubmit students work when they don't do a good enough job, but I wish I could give them an X without it locking them out of the task. Could there be a 3rd option in-between the green check and the red x - maybe a blue pencil or something that means go back and fix it? Also, I would love some buttons for quick feedback. Along with the feedback paragraph there could be a few phrases or symbols for giving quick feedback -  such as great job, perfect, needs work, edit and resubmit, etc. Teachers could select them from a checklist and/or toggle buttons on and off, etc. It would be even better if teachers could set up their own feedback buttons/phrases.

Really interesting ideas, Lisa :)

I'm escalating these to our developers and we will review them together.

Thank you and keep the suggestions coming!

Really have them same desire with you for first and second idea!  <3 Still waiting for the developing team Nicolas.

Upvote idea <3

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