students MAKE Quests?

I would love to make an assignment where the STUDENTS build a quest.  Does anyone have any ideas?  

Hi Tiffany,

Engaging your students in the Quest creation process is a very good idea!

You could either create a class activity to produce the quests together in class while projecting the Classcraft Quest interface. That would actually be a very good way to show them all the work that goes into Quest creation.

On the other hand, you could find a way to embed this activity in another quest; where every task in this quest would ask the students to create a part of the quest. e.g.: One task for the story, one task for the creation of the assignment for task 1,2,3, etc.

I'm sure teachers in our community have already created these types of activities, hopefully someone can share their experience here :) 

I had a few students do this as a project.  They gave me the storyline, images, and links all in a word document and from there I actually entered it into the system.  It worked out okay, but not spectacular...

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