[Solved] Random not so Random

I have found with random events that pick a random student or a random team, it is not so random.

It is picking the same student/students every single time and ignoring others. I have noticed this for almost a year and the random is always picking the same students, always.Learners have begun complaining, even the ones chosen complain because they are noting other students are not getting a chance...

Hi Dan,

We recently tested the randomness of our Random student picker and our random events to verify that everything was truly random.

Our results were conclusive in proving that our system was picking randomly.

While the human brain will always attempt to find a pattern if possible, I can assure you that by running tests on a large scale, the random element of picking students will emerge.

On a smaller scale, it is possible that a student might come out more often and if that is the case and your students are complaining about this, I would suggest rerolling the wheel of destiny to pick a new one.

We will also be keeping an eye out for other teachers pointing out this situation and we will run more tests if a pattern seems to emerge :)

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