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I've been using Classcraft for 2 years now and am always looking for ways to use it in class in new ways.  I would really like to be able to set up multiple different groups with a tab to easily switch between them.  While I keep the students in clans for the year, it sometimes is beneficial to them and the classroom dynamic to switch them up for different projects and social integration.

Do you think you could add this feature for the next school year?

It would also be cool to have a timer which you could pre-enter several successive steps so that it helps students monitor their time "independently" in class.

Thank you for your time and creative efforts!

Matthew Sullivan

Hi Matthew,

These are good suggestions and I will definitely send them to our developers to review their feasibility.

We also love this type of feedback, keep it coming :)

I agree an option to have multiple groups would be awesome.

I could see myself creating permanent teams for points and classroom management, but then have the ability to create "project groups" that can be more temporary and change regularly without affecting the original permanent teams. You could create lab pairs for one day, groups for a week-long project, etc. The teams would be accountable to each other in terms of earning the points for the project, but the day to day classroom management etc. would still be in their original teams/clans.

It would be great if you could create groups and assign quests to those teams - for example maybe I put students in pairs, and each pair work together on and share each others progress on the same quest. Ability to randomly generate teams of a certain size or make your own would be great.

We hear your pleas for more options on how the students are separated into groups/teams.

I'm adding this to our suggestion platform again! Thank you!

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