Question about posting a George Mason University Dissertation Study

I attend George Mason University near DC and I am beginning my data collection for my dissertation on teachers’ perceptions of narrative-based gameplay (i.e. serious games, off-the-shelf games, table-top games that emphasize a story) and I thought you could help me since ClassCraft is used by teachers who implement this type of gameplay. 

This is an explorative collective study, so I intend to move where the data takes me. I would only need to conduct a semi-structured interview, which would revolve around the following questions:

The interview would take about 45-90 minutes and could take place anytime over March or April.

I wanted to seek permission to seek participants for my study on this forum. 

IRBNet number: 1362721-1

Thanks again,

Hyle L Daley, M.Ed., M.S.

Doctoral Candidate

Graduate Research Assistant

College of Education and Human Development

George Mason University