Leaderboard Ranking Issue


I have a suggestion and a question regarding the leaderboard ranking algorithm. As you can see in the screen shot below, Classcraft places ONUR KAĞAN in the 3rd place even though he has more HP, AP, XP and GP than YUSUF, the student on the top. Is there anything I can't see? If no, it makes me think twice about the overall ranking. My students are competing to be on top 3 every month and at the end of the semester. I just don't want to mess things up because of this issue. 

I also suggest that it would be very convenient to be able to see the total XP of each team. I'm sure most teachers here encourage team work / spirit and motivate their students by team performances.



Hi Bora,

Actually, while the ability to sort by level can be very useful to see which students are performing well and which ones are struggling and may need more guidance, we do not have a true leaderboard at the moment.

While we understand that some students might expect a competitive experience, the purpose of Classcraft is to foster student engagement and collaboration. Competitive mechanisms like leaderboards are motivating for students at the top or near the top. Students at the bottom see all the other students they need to defeat and give up. However, it is precisely these students that we need to motivate.

The collaborative structure inherent in Classcraft’s design means that any student can succeed if they apply themselves – indeed, the best way to level up is to help your teammates. These social dynamics are a core driver of intrinsic motivation. As such, this ensures that each student is trying to improve not by comparing to their peers, but by comparing to themselves and to see their own success as a reward in itself, rather than emphasizing the importance of being better than someone else.

I hope you understand our stance on competition in Classcraft. Rest assured that I will add your feedback to our feature request platform for future reference.

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