Multiple Stats

Okay, so just another suggestion to throw onto the huge pile of suggestions:

I have created a spreadsheet to determine how many HP, AP, XP, and GP to give a student every class period. What I would like to do is be able to copy several cells from my spreadsheet (one for HP, one for AP, one for XP, and one for GP) and be able to paste all four pieces of information one time and have it fill in each box on the stats window. 

Basically I am suggesting the same idea as the Treasures of Tavuros when I paste from a spreadsheet but with the stats window. Ideally I would love to have all for items (HP, AP, XP, and GP) on the Treasures of Tavuros so I could do my whole class at the same time, but being able to do this with one student at a time on the stats window would be a great improvement.