[Solved] Distribute Class Codes

Small issue and one hopefully easy to resolve.

Print outs of of class code distribution sheets do not seem to include the wonderfully engaging graphic of the game master avatar. Printing to PDF so I can store sheets (due to slow uptake of parental permission for some students) does not include the graphic either. While a small, aesthetic detail, it makes the handouts feel unbalanced (and when I spent some of my hard earned dosh on colour printing to make it look nice, it was disappointing to find there was very little actual colour once you take away the image).


Hopefully this is an easy fix for you guys. Keep up the great work!

(Post Script - Still waiting with eagerly bated breath for quest boss battles, it's the number one feedback item I get from kids each year)

Hi Luke, 

I have turned this into a support ticket so we can investigate this further together. 

I will follow up with you via email shortly. 

Stay an awesome teacher!

(Post Script: We're still discussing that feature and what exactly it would entail, thank you for the feedback!)

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