Space Theme

I love this product. It is great in so many ways.

But it needs a space theme. A little mix of some of the favorite Sci Fi shows and something original. So let's make this easy for them and make suggestions here.

Classes: Science/Medical (Healer), Engineer (Mage), and Security/Tactical (Warrior)

Teams: Alliances with an emblem and a ship (Kingdom) they call home

HP= Damage/ Personnel 

AP= Power Levels

XP=XP (it doesn't all need new names)

Pets: Various Robots 

Awards: It would be awesome if they had an award section. If a character got a special thing done, they could get a ribbon or medal attached to their uniform or sash (like Worf) that could be one display. Players could choose what they show.

Costumes: that can be a little more challenging. But I figure they can start in tech overalls and move up to jumpsuits to dress uniforms. Maybe add some cybernetics and special equipment to add the flair and unique nature of the position. The best part would be if the students could choose color

While the original had just male and female with the four race choices, I'd recommend an android gender. It could be androgynous so more students could feel choices available to them. If they had the means, a few new alien races/mutations would be cool.

Quest could jump planet to planet and even asteroids or comets.  Space stations would be cool too.

The class tools wouldn't need much changing. The beasts could be just as easily turned into aliens. And Random events could be similar too.

The powers wouldn't need to be changed very much at all. The icons and names would need a sci-fi shake up, but that's about it.

Make many comments and like this so we can encourage them to upgrading their awesomeness.

That is an awesome thread! Thank you for the great ideas!

We are looking at the possibility to add alternate themes in the future. Suggestion posts like these are very interesting :)


I started using ClassCraft with my Science Fiction class, and even the kids questioned why there wasn't a space theme.  I'd love to give my classes the choice, so that they have more buy-in, as well.  

For perspective, I teach high school engineering and robotics. My students have proven they are not too old for it and love the extra aspects and the fun of the challenge.

Space theme would be AMAZING! I would definitely use it :-D

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