Random Event Item Bank

An idea that would be nice to have would be to have a random event item bank that is not assigned to a particular class. Then when you create a new class you have go through your item bank and check the events you want and that would import them to the class. 

I know you can import from other classes or archived classes but sometimes I have created events that I want to import into my current classes but I forgot which of my archived classes had it so I end up recreating it. It would be nice to have something attached to the teacher account that would store all of my random events I've created so I can review them and change any of them over summer before setting up my classes for the next school year. 

Hi Tiana,

We have had quite a few teachers asking for us to add the Random events as well to the 'My library' section that we recently introduced for the Boss battles and Quests.

I added your voice to this feature request so that our developers are aware that this is something teachers would like to see added to game in the future!


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