Possible system for laments - points

The ultimate bonus in my classroom for my students is their level is given to them in extra credit points at the end of the grading period. However, if you have outstanding laments/sentences, then you don't get anything.

Now, looking at my laments, I know not all of my students feel comfortable doing all of the same things. They can't just get out of the shell of their teenage years for fear of being embarassed and do what I consider the funner things like "Sing a Disney song (Like Let It Go)".

As a result, I was considering giving the students a list of items with a point cost and they could do what they feel comfortable with.


The lament list would look something like:

Then there would be a list of things they can do to expunge themselves. Something like:

1 point = 25 sentences of "I am a wonderful person and I deserve better than what I allow myself."

1 point = Lose 35 Action Points

2 points = Stand in front of the class and say something nice about each person in the class.

2 points = Hand cellphone to teacher at beginning of class and pick it up at end of class for 3 days in a row.

3 points = Be the last person to leave class for 3 days straight. Be sure to check in withthe Gamemaster when doing this.

5 points = Sing a Song in front of the class (I put up a karoake version for them as needed)


Something like that. These may still need some re-balancing, but wanted to put this out as an idea for others. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

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