Polling/Student Response System

Hi everyone!

I was just thinking how efficient it would be to have a function in Classcraft, perhaps in the Class Tools section, for taking a quick poll or administering an exit ticket. I've done Kahoot before in previous years of teaching, but thought it'd be really great to have this tool along with the others I currently use here. For instance, the teacher can pose a poll question that could show up on the student's accounts, so classrooms that have iPads or other electronic devices can quickly display how the class is thinking, either on a general scale, or even broken down by student. If it could even be added as an add-on for the Quests feature, it'd be interesting to place one right before the Quest End for that particular lesson. Just some ideas. What do you all think?

Also, fellow educators, if you could share some insight on how you all incorporate student response systems into your class, that would be great. I'd use Kahoot again if needed, but I'm looking to try something new.



Hi Gabriel,

A poll option in the Tools section could be a great idea. I'll send it to our decision makers to see if adding this feature is something we could be interested in :)


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