Reward Checkpoints for Boss Battles

In doing a very lengthy vocabulary review Boss Battle, I thought it would be cool to be able to add checkpoints for rewards. For example, the one I just finished had the Boss's health at 400. Instead of only getting the reward for defeating the boss, it would be awesome if I could put rewards in place if the students were only able to take away 100, 200, or 300 HP. I know I can go in and do this manually, but I think even letting the kids see the Boss' health bar segmented by checkpoint would be a little extra motivator.

I think that's a great idea too. We aren't always able to complete a boss battle during class so it would be nice to have a checkpoint that still gets them a little bit of a reward.

This is a good idea, i'm forwarding it to our developers for review :)

For now, you can segment your reviews by creating multiple smaller boss battles but I can definitely see how your proposition could be interesting!


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