EU data protection rules

Dear Classcraft team,

from the beginning, one crucial problem were the missing self-correcting-boss-battle quizzes for the Quests. As I stated before, many colleagues of mine turned down classcraft because of that. Since you announced the upcoming implementation of this function ( I want to thank you a lot for showing us a ray of hope ^^

While I am at it: There is a new problem now, and it makes the old one seem like a stuffed animal. As you might have noticed, the EU has ratified a new version of the data protection rules. (Here is the english site: ) While this is usually something that tackles us after years, this time it is different. By binding law every teacher in Hamburg (and it should be the rest of germany as well for sure) is forbidden to use any web application that isn't in compliance to those rules. During a conference I asked my superiors whether it would be possible to circumvent those rules if every single parent would hand out a written consent. The idea was turned down with a lot of emphasize, since there is no way the users could change standing law by that. To illustrate what I mean: From now on it is strictly forbidden to use whatsapp, Adobe Spark and so on... (to use google classroom was out of the question even way before that). Companies start to adopt to the situation, but way to slowly.

Since I waited through those years of development and kept believing, even started to work out Quest-routes with a lot of effort, I will try to continue using your service - illegaly. Still believing that you will be able to get this change underway soon. For the time being, as a mentor, I will sadly not be able to recommend your service to my trainee teachers.

Yours sincerely,


Hi Vincent!

Self-Correcting Boss Battles has been highly demanded and we have informed our dev team of this request, and it is being reviewed. 

I am happy to inform you that Classcraft is a Canadian company and therefore we have been recognized in providing adequate protection by the European Commission. For an updated listing of countries where data security is considered adequate, please visit the European Commission’s website.

For more details regarding this please consult this article: 

Regarding your previous concern on your students' pets, I have tried emailing you several times now, however, I have not heard back. Could you please verify your spam folder and your email settings to make sure that the domain is whitelisted in your emails, as I would like to work on this together further. 

Thank you 

Official comment

Dear Martina,

this is just marvelous! You have no idea how it felt to read your reply ^^ You already looked into this matter and took care of it. Additionally I have to apologize for this case of near-rtfm I produced here. Truth be told, I DID read the new privacy policy you made (which is no fun...), but I didn't find out whether those passages were sufficient in my case. Once again: Thanks and sorry ^^

Best regards,

Vincent-Till Märtig


Hi Vincent!

We all have the occasional rtfm moment no need to apologize that is why I am here :) I am just glad that you are able to legally use Classcraft in Germany and benefit from it ^^ Let me know if the Pet duplication issue re-appears after the mobile update in January. 



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