Starting after Thanksgiving break

So I'm starting ClassCraft the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is our first day back from break. We have a huge problem with talking during class and calling out random thoughts. And a lot of my kids don't even want to be there, so they don't want to do the work (I teach math). So I am hoping to turn things around with ClassCraft because a lot of my students like video games, as do I!! Any tips for not starting it at the beginning of the year?

The first time I used Classcraft it was halfway through the year.  The students loved it and didn't have any trouble adapting to it.  I have been using it for 3 years now and I have students requesting to be in my class just so they can be part of the Classcraft experience.  My former students still talk about how they miss being able to do it.  So don't worry about it not starting from the get go. 

Make sure you make a good presentation of what it is and walk through the important parts with it.  Be organized and have a solid idea of how and where you're going to use it so it will be clear to them.   Be willing to spend a day teaching them how to play and helping them to understand the powers.  I always create the powers for them but then once they've had a chance to play for a bit I ask them for suggestions.  They are more invested if the powers are their ideas.  And most important of all, make it fun for them and they will work harder to earn AP/XP than any other motivator.  

Thank you David, great suggestions!

If you're beginning Classcraft late or playing for a short amount of time (eg., a semester), we recommend lowering the number of XP needed for each student to level up (this is called their "level cap"). 

You can use our "Game Duration" option to accurately balance the game. The Game Duration option will require you to enter your class duration and how many hours per week you meet with your students. It will use this information to determine what your students' level caps should be, as well as how much AP they should regenerate each day at midnight.

Even if you have already started creating your class you can still adjust this here:


 I am attempting to start after the 2nd quarter of school. That;s a good point about lowering the XP. 


How did starting it after T-day go?  The best suggestion I have whenever you're starting it, make sure you spend time with it each and every day.  The more you're invested in it, the more the students will be invested in it.  Hope it goes great.  I teach elementary, so I have the same class all day long, so it's easy in the mornings to do the Random Event, check over everyone's avatar, let them use powers etc...How does that work when you have new groups of students coming in every period?  Hope all goes well.  If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them.  I've been an ambassador for a few years and have worked at trying to get other elementary teachers on board.  

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