[Solved] Slow Scrolling on Promethean Boards

When trying to scroll down through individual students, I've discovered that the program has slowed down considerably. To navigate to the bottom of a list of sixteen students, it's requiring a good 30-45 seconds of repeated swiping down (finger or stylus). I just started experiencing this problem the other day, and it might have something to do with how my class has grown a bit in the past few weeks, but it makes using Classcraft with these devices too tedious to use in that fashion.

I also have found that this week the scrolling feature is not working. I don't have a Promethan board but I have something similar.  I'm not sure what the fix is. Super frustrating though!

Hi Erin, 

I have an email case open with Chaseton to try and investigate this further, though it is admittedly hard to diagnose as we do not have any smartboards here to test our app on. 

If you would like to work together to try and see what can be done please email me at support@classcraft.com with as much information as possible including some screenshots. :)


We have the same issue on a "Conen interactive Cleartouch" Board. Its annoying, because you can't use scrolling on the big touch screen, its simply far too slow.

(on a Notebook with a mousewheel everything works fine).

I would appreciate a hint or workaround for working with the big screen with the class.

Hi Michael,

Our engineers have been looking at ways to allow faster scrolling on interactive touch boards. They have yet to come up with a definite solution so for the moment, using a mouse might be your best option.

I hope you can still use Classcraft efficiently in your class :)


I am using a Surface Pro 3 and the scrolling is the same. It will only scroll one move at a time and takes forever to do anything. This is my primary mode of use in the classroom and it is becoming too time consuming and frustrating. I have no issues with ANYTHING else so there must be a fix. Scrolling even works on this page but NOT when in my classes. Please figure this out or it will no longer be worth $100 a year.

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