Behavior Lists

I use the "Behaviors" for more than just behaviors. I have preset many skill-sets like character analysis (gold, silver, bronze), annotation (gold, silver, bronze), etc. based on what I'm assessing that day. I also use it as a discussion tracker: accountable talk, referring to the text, posing a question, etc. 


With all this in mind, it would be great to create "behavior lists" I could toggle between based on what I am tracking that day. I love the fact students can see specifically what skill they are getting rewarded for rather than simply a "correct answer". My behavior list is too long at the moment and sometimes I have to keep scrolling to get to the right "behavior". Yes, I can, each day, rearrange my behaviors based on what I'm assessing that day, but shorter behavior lists would make my life a lot easier.


Our team has been brainstorming about ways to better allow teachers to manage the content they create. We have a few ideas in mind and we hope to be able to implement them in the near future.

I will add your input to our feature request platform so that your opinion on this is visible to our developers :)

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