[Solved] Halloween backgrounds

I know this is just a detail, but still, it is this kind of details that make ClassCraft fun. 

I usually go on ClassCraft only on my computer at school. But yesterday at home I needed to check something and I noticed that the Halloween backgrounds were back. I was quite happy about that and thought it would be a nice surprise for my students. But this morning when I was back at school I realized that when using the school computer the Halloween backgrounds don't show, so my students didn't get to see them. I was quite disappointed and I don't understand why it would work at home but not at school...

Hi Lyne,

Your backgrounds should have changed automatically to the Halloween ones. If that is not the case, it is possible that something on your school's firewall is blocking some parts of Classcraft. 

You can give your school’s IT department the following information to ensure proper connection to Classcraft:

  • Whitelist the following domain : *.classcraft.com
  • Open the following ports : 443 and 80
  • Allow the websocket (wss) protocol

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