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Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with the community one idea that I came up with recently that could add a bit more decision-making and fun to the game. The concept is called "Prestige". I got the term from other video games that have a similar concept, but it's helped out with those few students who just seem to be leveling up too quickly.

When a character reaches level 10, they can continue leveling to unlock the gear beyond 10, or they can "prestige" their character. If they choose the latter, their character is reset to level 1 with 0 XP and 0 GP, but they get to keep their skills, their gear, and their pets. They also earn a " *1* " (with the number in between the asterisks representing their prestige level) added to their "Student [Last] Name", which puts them at the top of the roster. Finally, where all characters typically earn 4 AP and 1 HP daily, these characters earn the same, plus 10 GP and 15 XP daily that I manually add through a preset (since there's no automatic function for XP and GP, and even then there'd be no way to apply it to some students only).

The daily bonus of GP is a great incentive because our classroom has a "Classcraft Shop" where students can use their in-game gold to buy real-life rewards, such as a Delayed Homework Pass or an Open Notes Quiz.

I'm thinking of ways to refine the idea, but my kids thought it was a great idea when I explained it to them, and now nobody seems to be worried about "max-ing" out before the year's over.

Feel free to share your constructive criticism or ideas.


On an added note, it'd be great to see something like player "badges" that the teacher can award students with for reaching certain milestones or achievements.

I am intrigued by this idea.  I had the question come up the other day when the kids were trying to make groups and I told them they needed at least one mage, healer and warrior in each group.   They had a hard time and asked if they could change class but keep their level.  I said, "No, but I'm thinking over a Prestige option."  

I have also recently been playing with the "prestige" idea after receiving a message from a DEV that 18 is meant to be the top level.  Since armor ends at level 18 that will be my prestige point.  Similar to the video game prestige option, they have to max everything out before they can prestige.  The easy way to check this is if they have "trained" all the pets.  They should be level 20 - 21 before they can successfully do this depending on how much extra GP/XP you give.  This also grants an awesome option when you prestige them.

So the student proves they are ready to Prestige for the first time, I will Archive their character and bring them back into the class as if they were a new student as a different class but let them connect to their Archived character.  When you do this they get all the pets from their first time through.  Meaning if they were a warrior the first time, in prestige one they can equp all warrior pets as a healer.  If they choose mage for prestige number 3 (assuming they make it that far before the end of the year) they can potentially equip any pet in the entire game!    The order they choose their classes doesn't really matter, by the end they could potentially be all three.

This only works if they have fully trained the pets.  Partially trained pets will not be equipable after an archive.

I love the idea of adding a letter or icon to their name so you know how many times they have done a prestige reset.  I am thinking a number system but something like <1> after their name (that way they still fall in the correct order in the list).  

Another thing I have been doing is giving titles to the students.   So at the beginning of the year they are just John Smith.  Usually somewhere during the year I have a quest where the final step is to change their last name to "The Great" or whatever they want. So John Smith would become John The Conqueror.

Your idea has inspired a great way to do this that I will definitely do next year (since I already changed their names this year).  The first time you prestige in addition to getting the <1> after your name, you will also get a title as described above.  I really like your idea Gabriel and I'm definitely going to try it.   

Thanks for the feedback, Jeff & David!

David, you have some excellent ideas yourself. I thought the titles idea was great. That would be great to reserve for my seniors to give the other classes something else to look forward to with the game.

I hadn't thought about incorporating prestige through the archiving function, I think that's a great idea. I encountered a bit of a setback when removing their XP for a prestige also meant them losing skill points (due to losing all of their levels). I have to try that method to possibly replace the method I've used.

Awesome!!! Sounds epic! Let us know how it goes! :)

Just found a website that lets you put symbols in their name.  I'm totally going to use this one ♛ for each time they prestige.  So John ♛♛♛ The Conquer. That or the star.  Here is the site:


I have now prestiged my entire class.  The students LOVE it.  Once one or two of them prestiged the rest raced to get there.  I realized that it was an opportunity to "equalize" my class so I gave them a 2 week warning and then anyone who hadn't prestiged yet got prestiged.   Now they like to show off what pets they have since not everyone got all the pets before being reset.

I also made them change their class so Warriors became a Mage or Healer or vice versa.   So now everyone is getting new armors, new powers, and it has really extended the life of the game.  I am hoping to prestige them one more time and then make it a race to see who can get to 100 first.  Should be an exciting last month of school. 

I can do this, of course, because I only get them once and then never again.  If I had your situation I would save the 100 race for the seniors.  IE set it so end of sophomore year a couple might prestige.  Then prestige them all when they become Juniors, and so on until senior year they prestige for the last time and race for 100.

Can you explain how to reset my students to a level 1, while allowing them to keeps their powers and pets?

I don't let them keep their powers and pets.  I archive their characters and make them start over as a different class.  If you wanted to do that you could just take away enough XP from the whole class to put them all back to level 1.  They would retain all powers and pets, but would no longer be able to change their armor as that they do not qualify for the required level.  Whatever is equipped, even if it's level 20 armor, will stay equipped as will whatever pet they had equipped.  

The prestige system works better because they get to start working on a new armor set, new powers, and new pets.  They can see their old armors, pets, &  powers in the archive feature under their profile.  Plus the excitement of seeing something new.

So basically, once a trimester I archive the whole class, make them create a new character on the same account.  The first two times they have to choose a different class.  The last time they can choose any class they want.  I show the prestige through a ♛ symbol next to their name. 

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