Hey gang. Have any of you used Classcraft alongside PBISrewards.com? It's basically a website for managing a point-based PBIS system. The kids are rewarded points and can spend them on whatever. We have a few school-wide things for the kids to spend their points on, but I'm trying to think of ways to work this with Classcraft.

At this point it's just an item shop where kids can spend a point to buy a "potion" to restore HP/AP or buy some gold.

Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks!

I imagine you can use it in a similar way that I use classdojo in conjunction with classcraft.  I use Dojo as my "clip chart" so that parents can see what students are doing.  My entire school has accepted dojo as their main PBIS program so my students come to me with near 100% parents connected.  My computer specialist periodically converts the dojo points into XP and loss of HP.  So, for example, every point in dojo is worth 100 XP in classcraft.  If they have 10 points on a reset then they get 1000 XP in Classcraft.  

Loss of points is a straight 1 to 1 trade.  10 points lost in dojo = a loss of 10 HP in CC.  I assume you could do something similar with PBISrewards.com

In my PBIS teacher store I sell GP and my own special cards I made called "power ups" which let the kids have a one time priveledge. These include no damage from random events, the ability to trigger an extra random event, or getting double points all day.

I haven't tried PBISrewards.com, but this looks pretty awesome. We've been struggling to truly implement PBIS at our school for some time now. We're basically at Year 1 implementation status in our 4th-5th year. I'm really interested in exploring how Classcraft can support PBIS in this way.

Hi Paul, 

If you are interested in speaking with one of our awesome Learning Team members to review how Classcraft has integrated PBIS and how you could benefit from these, please let me know.

I would! That would be great, Martina!

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